Stolen, Gone in 66 seconds ?


Ever had a dream? Every boy has dreams. Sometimes you're so lucky to be able to fill one in. I did. After years i was able to buy myself a car. A real car a Porsche..



Built in 1990 This Porsche Carrera 4 3.6 (914) Targa! has made me happy for not more than a long year.  The only joy i had was on a holiday in Italy where the Tuscan roads are made for this car. I bought the car at Marc Wams Sport cars at Eindhoven



After that holiday it was necessary to revise a large part of the engine (for almost 30k Euro). In the A-point Garage in Amsterdam they did a fantastic job. And the car was ready for another 100.000 kilometers on the Italian and Dutch roads. Probably she will never see those roads again...after that fixing i only had driven a little 1000 kilometers.




Specs of the car:

First owner                                 : FA Grund + Boden from Berlin Germany

Second owner                             : Bern Richter from Romrod Zell Germany

Third owner                               : Harald Inen from Amsterdam Netherlands 

Car build                                    : may 28 1990 betriebsnr. 111001

Dutch registration number            : TJ-VF-52

Chassis number                           : WPOZZZ96ZLS411063

Special things to recoginize the car  :



Any information that can lead me to find the car will be honored financial. Please contact me at 0031653131900 or on Email